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Method to change or cancel a flight on American Airlines

You know that travel plans don't necessarily go as expected if you've been flying for a while. Meetings are postponed, workshops are cancelled or problems occur at the last minute. Unforeseen events will derail an entire trip out of the blue, if 2021 has taught us anything.

You have the luxury of modifying or canceling fares if you find yourself booked on an American Airlines flight that you can no longer take. Although this can always result in an added fee, there are several options to get back at least half of your ticket's worth, which is certainly better than a maximum loss. In addition, there are situations that, due to a travel waiver, you can cancel or change your ticket for free, including what we are now experiencing with the coronavirus epidemic.

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We'll cover everything you need to know in this post. Changing or canceling tickets for American Airlines. We'll begin by looking at how travel exemptions can be taken advantage of and then delve into canceling all paying fares and awarding airline tickets. Finally, with advice on how to stop paying change and cancellation costs at both, we will round out the post.

Changing or canceling a flight waiver ticket

Plane Waiver Screenshot by American Airlines


The fastest and quickest way to switch an American Airlines flight will also be to amend or cancel American Airlines flight that is protected by a travel waiver. During poor weather, natural disasters or other situations where American Airlines plans to have loads of extreme delays or flight cancellations, these exemptions are normally released. These exemptions normally allow you to change or postpone your flight for free, but the specifics can vary, usually limited to select airports and particular dates, depending on the travel waiver that is issued.

More recently, though, we have seen American Airlines bring into practice a coronavirus travel waiver along the entire route network. There are many facets of this exclusion, and since the epidemic became top news here in the U.S., it has been updated several times. On this page, you can access the full regulation, but the following waivers are in place at the time of writing:

If you have booked tickets before 1 March 2021 and are expected to fly on or before 31 May 2021, you can change your tickets free of charge once and for all.

You will also be entitled to rebook if you booked (or plan to book) an American Airlines flight between March 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021, and are expected to fly on or before February 28, 2021, One time without incurring a fee for change.

Again, for absolute, up-to-date information on this American Airlines cancellation policy, please check American's coronavirus notifications page and its travel warnings page.

If it refers to cancellations, it is important to remember the precise provisions of this special waiver. You usually won't get a refund on your credit card if you cancel an eligible, paid fare. Instead, an American Airlines credit that you will use for a potential American Airlines flight will be given. The airline has stated, however, that with this travel waiver, an award ticket can be cancelled and the AAdvantage miles refunded.

American's Find the screenshot for your trip profile

Notice that you won't be able to cancel your ticket via the American Airlines website if you booked your trip using an Online Travel Agent (OTA) like Expedia, Orbitz or Hotwire. However, you can also rebook the flight for free if the ticket is protected by an American travel waiver. Just give your OTA a call and they should be able to accommodate the change or cancellation for you.

The same goes for tickets, such as the Chase Ultimate Loyalty Travel Platform and Amex Travel, booked directly with credit card points. We'll teach you how to cancel tickets booked later in the article with Chase Ultimate Rewards points and American Express Membership Rewards points.

Modification or cancelation of paying American Airlines tickets

If a travel waiver does not protect your fare so you do need to change or cancel it, you have a variety of options. It is possible to change or cancel most American Airlines tickets for a fee. Simple economy tickets are the only categories of tickets that can not normally be adjusted; but, under special conditions, even these tickets can be modified or cancelled, as we will discuss below.

Here's a map showing what you will need to pay to adjust or postpone your American Airlines flight if you don't have a special case that would help you to skip these fees:

Note that canceling or replacing international tickets will cost up to $750, but the price you would pay varies depending on the fare class you've booked. Send the airline a call to ask for a quote if you cancel an American Airlines ticket.

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Generally speaking, when you cancel your ticket, American Airlines will not grant a complete refund. Instead, a travel voucher that you will use for a potential American flight will normally be issued to you. This voucher will be for the full amount of your cancelled fare without the cancellation charge applicable. For starters, if you cancel a $500 domestic ticket, you're going to get a $300 voucher, because the $500 domestic ticket There will be a $200 cancellation charge deducted from your voucher.

Just be mindful that you must cancel your ticket (under usual circumstances) prior to the departure of the flight and, if you use the remaining balance of the voucher on a new ticket, you must commence your trip no more than 12 months from the date of your original booking.

This does not refer to refundable tickets, which may be cancelled in the initial mode of payment with a complete refund.

Changing or canceling reward tickets for American Airlines

American Airlines is waiving award redeposit and change charges for trips booked by May 31 for travel to Sep. 30 owing to the global coronavirus epidemic. It is an outstanding advantage for those who wish to Because of confusion about commuting through the epidemic, to change tickets.

Although you normally call to get your miles restored for cancelled award tickets, for those award tickets that are protected by this travel exclusion, American is now instantly reinstating miles. This includes award tickets reserved on the U.S. edition of the website of American Airlines that are entirely run by a single customer by American Airlines or American Eagle.

You must contact American to seek mileage reinstatement for a cancelled award ticket if your itinerary does not follow these criteria.

Cancelation of a non-coronavirus waiver reward ticket

Recently, America revealed improvements to how it will Manage updates and cancellations of award tickets until June 1. Award tickets are liable for free modifications and cancellations before 60 days from the date of travel, from 1 June onwards. 

If you want to redeem more miles for a higher class of service on the same flight, all these costs are waived; you will only be subject to paying the extra mileage. In addition, this arrangement of fees extends to all Prizes, and Web Exclusive tickets that were previously unable to change at all. For travelers who book these tickets regularly, this is a good move.

However, these improvements aren't all good. Previously, as long as you maintained the same origin and destination, you may alter the date of travel for free before the date of departure. In addition, as long as you have retained the same airline, flights involving other airlines could be modified for free.

On top of this, this latest shift map eliminates the discount on the same itinerary for canceling different flights. The fee for reinstatement of miles for a discontinued reward was originally $150 for the first ticket and $25 on all subsequent redeposits. Done into the same account at the same time. So you could be on the hook for up to $450 in redeposit payments if you cancel three tickets to the same itinerary within 60 days of departure.

However, amid these improvements, it is notable that the current approach is still more generous than the other big U.S. airlines. For example, depending on where you make changes and your elite rank rating, Delta charges a $150 fee on all award changes (waived for top-tier elites) and United charges $75 to $125 for award ticket adjustments.

Do remember that members of Executive Platinum will also cancel award tickets free of charge. This advantage would not extend to any other American as of the time of writing this post. Elite status rate for airlines.

Cancel screenshot for trip icon on

You will change or cancel your American Airlines Award tickets by pressing the change or cancel button at the top of the page and pulling up your reservation on the American Airlines website. If you cancel an award ticket altogether, you will have to contact American to order mileage reinstatement after cancelling it.

However, there's one exception to this law. For all award reservations made after June 1, 2021, Executive Platinum holders flying as a single passenger will be eligible for compulsory mileage reinstatement. These top-tier elite members can cancel award tickets for free at any time, as stated earlier, This instant reinstatement of miles makes it possible for members of Executive Platinum to rebook itineraries immediately after cancelation.

Changing or canceling fares reserved with points for credit cards

The same cancellation costs mentioned earlier apply to American tickets booked via sites such as the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Platform or Amex Travel. Although fares protected by a travel voucher will also have these costs forgiven, on the American website, you normally can't cancel or change your tickets. You ought to call the bank directly instead.

That being said, Chase recently began allowing travelers to cancel tickets booked via an online form through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Platform. It will take a few days to process this form, though, and it is currently limited to flights leaving in the next eight to 14 days. You have to call Chase to process the cancellation if your flight departs outside this time.

At the time of writing this article, Amex Travel does not provide online cancellation of flights, so you will need to call to process the cancellation.

For more details, check out our full guide to canceling tickets booked with credit card points.

How do you change your American Airlines flight or cancel it?

Your best bet is to start on until you plan to alter or cancel your American Airlines flight (if you purchased the ticket directly from American). Take the steps below:


  • Log on to your account with AAdvantage.

  • In the center of the homepage, navigate to the Your Trips / Check In column.

  • Click the View/Change button next to the trip that you want to edit.

  • At the end, press Change Trip or Cancel Trip.

  • Follow the instructions on-screen.

  • Be sure to save the email you get with the six-digit record locator and 13-digit ticket number if you cancel a paying ticket. When you go to rebook your trip with whatever funds are left, these things are needed.

If you can't access your online reservation, You'll need to contact American and complain about your fare cancellation or change options. If you booked with an OTA or used your credit card points, in order to process changes or cancellations, you will need to call the provider.

Notice that if you are trying to make a same-day adjustment to your American Airlines flight, things are a little different. For domestic and certain short-haul international airlines, this will set you back $75, but it's waived for Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro passengers. Following the steps above, you can pull up your ticket and then pick the option of the same-day shift on the reservation.

How do you stop American improvements and cancellation fees?

It may be difficult to prevent modifications or cancellation costs on American Airlines flights without a travel waiver, although it is feasible. This is a rundown on when you would be able to opt out of paying these extra fees.

Within 24 hours of making a reservation

The U.S. Transportation Department needs airlines to allow passengers a 24-hour window to change their minds. Some do this with a free booking, but American allows you to cancel a ticket within 24 hours of booking for a complete refund (as long as you make the initial purchase at least two days prior to departure). This extends to all tickets, with the exception of those booked as part of a block of parties.

Modifications of the timetable

If you book a ticket far in advance, in the months leading up to the departure, American may adjust its schedule. An adjustment of 61 minutes or more per carrier's website will encourage you to offer a refund of your original payment form, and this could also allow you to pick alternative flights if you do not have the current schedule working for you. Even smaller improvements, though, could encourage you to change your ticket for free if, for example, you end up with a too-short (or illegal) connection.

It's worth calling to see what your choices are for adjusting or canceling your ticket if your flight has undergone a major scheduling adjustment.

Cancellations of flights

There are occasions that your flight is cancelled outright by an airline. Owing to low demand or improvements to the path network of a carrier, this could be months in advance, but it could also be due to conditions or other last-minute considerations. The airline should offer to rebook you on alternative flights if American cancels a flight on which you have a non-refundable ticket (at no charge). You should now be allowed to apply for a cancellation, though, and get a full refund on what you paid for the fare.

Status to Elite

As noted earlier, members of American Executive Platinum are eligible for all award tickets booked from their accounts for fee-free modifications and cancellations. And this does not cover paying fares, It's also a terrific benefit of top-tier status.

Unique cases

There are a few exceptional conditions that would lead to waived alteration or termination penalties on American airlines. You will typically be entitled for a refund on the whole flight if you get an unwelcome military assignment or a change in command. If you or your traveling partner pass away prior to departure, the same applies. Notice that all of these cases need evidence to justify them.

Finally, even though all of the aforementioned waivers are not covered by the particular justification for canceling, it doesn't hurt to call and argue your case. When it comes to payments like this, American phone agents have at least some discretion, so there's no There's harm in asking.

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How to cancel an American Airlines flight and get a refund

Readers should know by now that anytime an airline cancels their flight, they are entitled to a refund. But, what's the real method of getting your American Airlines money back?

It's a little convoluted, sadly. You won't immediately get a refund until you cancel your flight within 24 hours of your booking.

Instead, if your flight is cancelled or greatly delayed, you're going to need to take these procedures. Next, you need to cancel your flight so that you do not have a confirmed seat on the aircraft anymore.

You can do it either by calling American or on the AA website by pressing the 'Cancel ride' button.

Then, you need to complete a form for an online refund submission. The first thing you'll see on this page is a welcome banner that literally shows you that you don't need to be there.

Your ticket number (which can be found in your confirmation email) and your last name must be entered there. Your itinerary details will then be filled out and you will be asked about the explanation for your refund (schedule change or involuntary flight cancellation work). This is where America gets sly, though. Instead of a refund, you would definitely be asked to pick a voucher. I'd consider a refund because you're certainly going to fly with AA in the future.

Once you choose that you prefer to return your money, you can complete the refund request and send it.

Usually, refunds are processed within seven business days, but the high number of cancellations associated with coronavirus has slowed down the recovery times. Using your ticket number, you will still verify the status of your refund.

How to rebook after cancellation using the new 'trip credits' 

As a way for the airline to reward clients when canceling their flights, American has recently launched new 'travel credits'.

The concept is the same as a conventional travel credit; only tickets should be used for the credit. Customers use their cancelled seat numbers, and when able to rebook, they may need to call Reservations.

This recent reform has some advantages:

To use these travel credits, consumers do not have to wait for a customer service email to

For a single flight, up to eight separate travel credits can be used.

These credits can be used by the credit holder to book travel for everyone.

There is a major catch to this latest offering, however, as noted by View from the Wing: .

Customers can retain separate forms of airline credit to provide this 'travel credit' on a more full-time basis, which they do not mix.

If a client with either coupon or credit can not afford the entire fare, they will need to cover the balance in cash, paying much more cash with the airline.

American is yet to disclose that it expects to create a solution where it is possible to merge multiple forms of coupons and credits for use. As soon as an official announcement happens, TPG will update this guide.

The bottom-line

It is never a pleasant feeling to cancel or change an airline ticket, but understanding what to expect will make it a lot less difficult. While American Airlines can charge up to $750 for alterations or cancellations, make sure you keep on the lookout for travel waivers and scheduling adjustments that can make you eligible to prevent these fees, and note that American award tickets can normally be modified free of charge (subject to some restrictions).


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